How to make it as an actor


Have passion.
Passion should be the real motivation & drive if you want to make it as an actor. This is because there will be times when you will be turned down during audations &  times when acting roles will be few. Passion keeps you going during those difficult times.

Dream big
Keep dreaming. Dreams are free of charge. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Write down your vision on a piece of paper & stick it on your bedroom or maybe even keep it in your wallet as a reminder of what you want to achieve.

“No matter where you are from your dreams are valid. “
  -Lupita Nyong’o

Learn how to act.
You can join a film school or attend some short acting classes. Attend as many workshops as you can related to acting. Basically suck up as much knowledge as you can related to this field.

Join an agency
Some of the acting roles are not usually advertised since actors are usually sourced directly from agencies. Agencies also have first hand knowledge on this field.
NB ;its not a must for you to join an agency.

Acting audations
Attend each & every audition that you come across. You can search for audations from the internet. Before audations, always prepare your resume and a monologue related to the role you are auditioning for. Answer questions to the best of your ability. In short, ace the audition. Be confident during audations & arrive early at the location of the audition.

Network with key players in this field. This will help you to get the latest news & information

Have patience. One does not become a movie star or break into Hollywood overnight. It takes time, hard work & dedication.

Learn extra skills
Some skills like kung fu can give you an upper hand when auditioning for an action movie. Also learn how to play music instruments like guitar or the piano, foreign languages et cetera.

Looking forward to seeing you as the next movie star!


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