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How to be a good conversationalist

The ability to hold a brilliant conversation is an an art that can take anyone quite far.Knowing what to say,and when,will put the other party at ease.Some people tend to play dumb w2hen they meet with people.Others grin sheepishly as they wait for the other person to keep the conversation going.
To hold a succesful conversation devoid of silence and miserable moments especially when you find yourself together with someone or people for any length o
f time is easy.
Here are some guidelines;
1.To find out whether the other person is willing to have a conversation,you may ask an easy to answer question about something in your immediate area or sorroundings.For example at the bank,you may ask why the service is taking forever.If you are in a restaurant,talk about the food served there.
2.Give a compliment,especially if you are a lady trying to get to know another.Talk about her hair or dress.Do not use this tactc on a man if you are a woman as it may be misconstructed as flirting.
3.Limit the use of “I” and focus instead on “YOU”.
4.Have a lighthearted sense of humour,but do not try to be a comedian if it does not naturally come to you.Tell jokes that anyone can ap[preciate.
5.Use simple,clear and clewan language.
6.Do not pretend to know foreighn languages.You may come across a person who is fluent in the language you purport to know.

Questions and comments to avoid.
As humans,we are naturally curious to know how other peop[le ar4e fairing.Sometimes we act out of impulse and at other times,we are just plain prying.Whatever the case,there are questions and comments that should not come out of your mouth.Some of these include:
*Do not ask a woman over the age of thirty herage.Do not try to guess by asking trick questions like the year they sat for final highschool exams.
*Do not make comments on aperson’s weight loss or gain.
*Do not ask people about how something cost them.
*When out socializing,do not ask a person why they do not drink alcohol.Do not insist that they should drink when they have clearly stated that they are not interested in doing so.
*Never ask someone what their salary is.
*Do not ask people why they are not married or why they do not have children.Do not express surprise or concern about this.

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How to live happily

Logics of a happy life
1.make peace with your past so that it does not interfere with your present & future.
2.What people think about you should not concern you.
3. With time you get healed no matter the situation you might have gone through.
4.No one is a reason for your happiness except you yourself.
5.Dont compare your life with others; you have no idea what they might have gone through.
6.Stop thinking too much,its right not to know all the answers.
7.Smile;you dont own all the problems in the world!


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